Storage Container Information

Our containers are fabricated out of 14 gauge Cortron steel. The Container frames are made of minimal 6-8 gauge steel. They are designed to stack 8-10 high on a ship totally loaded (6700 lbs per box). Undercoated with tar based material. Heavy duty locking doors for maximum security

Cargo container construction
Cargo containers are made of corrugated steel that provides strong and secure construction that's wind and water tight for storage and shipment. It features marine-grade plywood floors that are one-inch thick and can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure. The extra-strong floors allow you to safely store heavy equipment and large volumes of materials.

In addition, each cargo container is ISO-certified and features a corten steel roof that won't rust and sturdy cam rod locks which keep the contents protected from theft or vandalism. You can also customize your containers with simple add-ons like additional doors or shelving or more elaborate changes that can transform your container into a fully functional office trailer.
We Offer:
  • 10' Standard
  • 10' New
  • 20' Standard
  • 20' New
  • 20' Insulated
  • 20' Working Insulated
  • 40' Standard
  • 40' New
  • 40' Hi-Cube
  • 40' Hi-Cube Insulated
  • 45' Hi-Cube
  • 102"X48' Hi-Cube
  • (Hi-Cube is 9'6" - regular is 8'6")
  • (Insulated = Refrigerated)
  • (8' wide unless specified)

  • More custom sizes and modifcations available upon request.